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Why should you Choose      SelectPro Solutions?

We offer over 800+ of the most popular USA Shared Media for a low monthly cost of $30/month. Our easy to install app and simple process makes it easy for anyone to get started.

Our #1 rated USA based customer service team is available via LIVE chat to help get any issues resolved quickly.

Features of SelectPRO Solutions

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Easy Setup and Activation

Install our app on your connection in only a few easy steps.



Check what time your favorite Media starts with our built-in Solution Guide. 



Enjoy SelectPRO  Solutions on 4 connections (IP Restrictions) in your home with your monthly account.


Compatible connections

Android, Iphone, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, Samsung Smart tv, LG Smart tv, PC, Macbook and more. Our apps are set up for almost any connection.


Live USA and international Hubs

We carry all the most popular USA and UK shared media solutions, all for one low monthly cost. Canada, UK, Spanish & French Hubs are availble.


Open Demand Access & 99% up time

Get instant access to over 20,000+ Open Demand Access & 99% UP Time with SelectPRO Solutions.

SelectPRO Media Solutions brings you the most  UP TIME Shared Content Selection By Far.

SelectPRO Solution is the #1 choice for Virtual Solutions on the market. You can find  local content, premium shared content and more. This service carries high quality Solution storage in High Definition which gives you the best experience and is almost identical to metal rack solutions. SelectPRO Solutions  gives the user the options to watch and store their favorites anywhere that they have a internet connection on almost any connection.

Never Miss an Event Again!

With SelectPRO, there is no such thing as a blackout. So our customers never need to worry about missing their favorites. We give you shared content access included with our SelectPro Solutions Package.

This is the absolute best alternative to metal rack solutions or another satellite cloud there is, no need to substitute when you can have it all and save money at the same time.

Just How Do We Offer Such A Cheap Price?

Considering that SelectPRO Solutions uses your internet signal rather than traditional providers, some of the main costs are cut out. We don’t have to pay any technicians which cuts labor hours, inventory and overall man hours needed. This  enables us to be able to offer these low prices with a great selection.

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